Ambitious woman, we’re thrilled to introduce to our life-changing, time-saving friend, the Capsule Wardrobe.


In the hustle and bustle of entrepreneurship, time is a precious commodity. Who has time to root through their closet for something to wear? Deciding what to wear can be draining. But with a capsule wardrobe, each article of clothing becomes complementary to each other, making the stress of finding an outfit fade from life. That’s why having a capsule wardrobe is especially important when you're living the life of an entrepreneur.

Having a capsule wardrobe will save you time.


There’s never enough time in a day, is there? As an entrepreneur, your schedule is jam-packed with meetings, paperwork, and endless tasks. The last thing you need is the added stress of wardrobe decisions. By embracing the capsule wardrobe philosophy, you can maximize your productivity and conserve valuable mental energy for the things that truly matter. How is that even possible? Your capsule wardrobe is part of the solution.

1. Let’s start with some capsule wardrobe essentials.

So, what are the essentials of a capsule wardrobe? Picture crisp-looking t-shirts, timeless trench coats, smart blazers and jackets, staple jeans, dress pants, classic skirts and sweaters, and maybe a dress or two. Of course, one can add or subtract from this capsule wardrobe list; it's just to get you started with your authentic capsule wardrobe. 

2. Simple, clean cut capsule wardrobe T-shirts are a must.

White Tee Shirt

Take, for example, the classic T-shirt – effortlessly chic and suitable for any occasion, including the boardroom. Pair it with tailored trousers or a sleek blazer for an instantly polished look. And let's not forget the timeless trench coat in a neutral tone, like black or your favorite shade of beige, to add sophistication to any outfit in your capsule wardrobe.

3. Blazers and classy bombers will bring your capsule wardrobe to life!

Blazers and classy bombers, such as the FREXY Classic Fit jackets, are the key to that capsule wardrobe essential. It’s never a bad idea to have a few on hand. And don't overlook the power of jeans in today's professional world – when styled appropriately, they exude confidence and sophistication.

4. From jeans to dress pants and skirts to mix and match your capsule wardrobe with ease.

Dress pants and skirts follow the corresponding rules of keeping to base colors while adding a dress to your closet could be a fun way to narrow down your look. With the sweaters, they could either be knit or zip. But with dawning a zippered sweater, be careful that it’s sleek and appropriate for a professional outfit. It’s important to keep your capsule wardrobe on point for any professional setting.

5. Let your personality shine through your capsule wardrobe.

The beauty of a capsule wardrobe lies in its versatility and simplicity. Whether you opt for a minimalistic approach or inject pops of color through accessories, the creative possibilities with your capsule wardrobe are endless. No more wardrobe dilemmas – just effortless style and more time to tackle your business ventures with confidence.

So, embrace the power of a capsule wardrobe and unleash your personal style. With a curated capsule wardrobe collection of timeless pieces at your fingertips, you'll be ready to conquer the world – one stylish outfit at a time.